Orchid (16cm)
Amaya (16cm)
Hazel (16cm)
Noire (14cm)
Luna (13cm)
Twila (15cm)
Mystique (16.5cm)
Adeline (16.5cm)
Lolita (12cm)
Lolita Shoulder Bag (23cm)
Lolita Cushion (42cm)
Noire Cushion (42cm)
Noire Embossed Journal

Noire Shoulder Bag (23cm)Little Shadows

Little ShadowsAs the last light of day sets across the land, Our Little Shadow friends emerge gift in hand. This gift for you to my friend for life, By your side through day & night.

The true story of the Little Shadows fairies is shrouded in mystery & magic but on a full moon it is said they can be seen dancing beneath the stars. The unique style and spirit of the Little Shadows will forever enchant your soul with their beauty and charm.
Lolita Embossed Journal
 A superior collection of hand painted resin figurines, Shoulder bags,
coin purses, cushions &
embossed hardback plain paper journals all created by Nemesis Now.

Figurines (12-16.5cm) £19.99 Each
Shoulder Bags (23cm) £12.99 Each
Cushions (42cm) £14.99 Each
Journals (17cm)
£6.99 Each
Purses (17cm)
£5.99 Each
Trinket Boxes (5.5cm)
£3.33 Each
Lamps (30cm)
£12.99 Each (with fitted UK 3amp plug)

Lolita Coin Purse
Noire Coin Purse
Noire Lamp
Lolita Trinket Box
Noire Trinket Box
Lolita Lamp
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